20ft inflatable helium Pig balloon


 Materials: PVC (EN 71,ROHs, SGS centfication)
Thickness: 0.18 to 0.3mm
Available in various colors
Customized logos and requirements are accepted
Packing: export carton
Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

Inflatable Helium spheres balloon and helium blimp is great advertising tools and cheaper way to take attention your company name and business brand.you can use it on outdoor for event,sprots.trade show.fairs or open marketing on events.the ballon can fly more than 5miles up.many people can see it great effective.

We are factroy to make advertising helium balloon on many size.and we have many color on stock.so u can choose and design.also we can make 3D image on balloon design to you free.and we can high quality on digital printing on both side of balloon.it coming with ropes.carry bag free.we use good shipping service by FedEx or DHL express.the courier will delivey the inflatable balloon to your office or hand.so easy..good luck for your business fly right now!!!      


1.   Why we use inflatable helium balloon for business

First.inflatable helium balloon or blimp is made by PVC material.it is light.so u can use it fly on skype when you fill with helium gas.

So many people can see it very great from far away.it is affordable to advertising and promotion on outdoor.also we can make digital printing on

Both side of inflatable spheres and blimp.they are small volume when you finish use and package.and you can use many event on one year.


2.  how to buy the helium gas to fill with inflatable sphere and blimp.

Helium is the same gas used for our inflatable party latex balloon.you can buy it from your local country helium company.

The charger of helium is about 120$/ tank.



13ft inflatable blimp     200cubic ft helium       lift about 3LB    need less than 1 tank helium

17ft inflatable blimp     230cubic ft  helium     lift about 5LB    need about 1 1/2 tank helium

20ft inflatable blimp     750cubic ft  helium     lift about 12LB   need about 1 1/2 tank helium


If you use the blimp on inddor show or exhibits.13ft long is good size.

If you want to use on outdoor.the stand size is 17ft or 20ft or 24ft.

we can mak hih digital printing on both side.

3.  how to take care of our inflatable sphere or blimp

pls don’t use the balloon on bad weather on outdoor.it is damage.and don’t use it if the wind above 20miles per hour.

if you finish use the inflatable sphere or blimp after event.pls keep it safe and dry container.and make sure the balloon is clean and dry in order to have longer life use.clean the blimp use mild dishwasher soap diluted in water.use a clother damped with the cleaner and carefully spot clean the blimp.and make sure the logo priting good.after it dry .pls keep it package by box.so u can use it long time.


Here is packag info and ship news;





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