March 2, 2017


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If you’re a businessman & want something cost efficient for your promotion solution, then there’s one particular method for you making the job a breeze. This solution is as simple as a banner or a feather flag. The fact is that there’re so many different kinds of flags & banners available & used widely all over the world nowadays. One of such types is the “feather flag”. This type of flag is generally made from top quality materials like fabric with high digital…
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After your whole day, long busy schedule, when you get time to watch television you notice several amusement things that are attractable. Among them, advertisement is one of the finest amusement mediums today. Almost every company tries to make their promotional advertisement enlightening and more good looking.we can make outdoor inflatable tent from 10ft to 100ft for different company demaind.and we can make customs inflatable tent with logo on too.
Amid sev…
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Camp meetings & site tours are very popular type of recreation and because of heavy number of attending such meetings & sites; inflatable tents are now turning into great camp equipment. Though the setting may not take more effort/labor, you can be charged for space the inflatable tent occupies at the most sites. Besides this, they’ve other several uses. These tents can be used for the exhibitions & celebrations. This sort of use requires huge tents, that are capabl…
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When economy gets tough and hard-hitting, almost everybody cuts back on the advertising. Inopportunely, it is an unwise move since the best businesspersons know that this’s the best time for investment. After all, promotion is never actually a genuine expense. Instead, savvy business-owners consider the advertising being an investment. It means, the more you promote, the more cash you make. Many ways are there to get the word-out regarding your company, & the produc…
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Wuxi Honest Inflatable Manufatures is biggest supplier in china,The client using inflatables & advertising blimps for the events as well as promotions can be a great option to catch the attention of public when regular signs just doesn’t seem-like enough. A large color splash in the sky makes a big impression in contradiction of the blue sky, & it is basically impossible to avoid. Advertising inflatables can save a lot for the companies from other sorts of advertising, &…
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        Outdoor Channel Letter sign is best of shop business/organization? it is with bright waterproof led the people can see it from far away. Channel letters are used in dimensional, custom sign lettering typically found on the outdoor of buildings or on monument signs. They are typically made from  stainless steel or arylic. The channel is typically formed from sheet 304# stainless steel, because the aluminum is soft and easy d…
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Our History & Services               Wuxi Honest Established in 2002, as one of the leading Inflatable Advertising Company in China,
In almost 13 years of experience in the inflatable advertising field, Our inflatable products suite for every Product, Company, Shops, Events, Exhibitions etc….              We are offering the Best Quality Inte…
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Party decoration inflatable star gife are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage . New concept in inflatable advertisement and entertain display,suitable for indoor and outdoor use. weather proof and strong attraction to people and customers in and can hangle it on ceiling.also we have many other kind of style.pls contact with me asap if you are interesitng in it.   Star inflatable light i…
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